it's been forever...here's some pictures...

havent been on here in a long time...since september to be exact. everyone gets on me about not posting, so ill post some stuff damnit.
its a new year, maybe posting on here will be one of my new born habits, but...probably not.
got a sweet new camera from the parentals for christmas and im in love with it. i used to take pictures a lot but never really had a good camera, but now that i do, i really wanna get back into taking way too many pictures wherever i go. so, heres some for your viewing pleasure...


Coolest Kids You'll Ever Meet

these are some of the kids from frederick rock school in their show this past saturday. they are all absolutely amazing.



I recently rediscovered my login and password for this bloggy junk...and I was looking through...& I have only posted about 10 things in a little over a year.
I am the definition of a slacker... :)


she's shining in the moonlight.
staring back at a midnight sky.
that girl's got love in her eyes.

Devil Child

The little girl on the left is Skye. She will be the death of me. That is all.



playing with the photo program